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Did you know that it doesn’t cost you anything to work with a REALTOR® when buying your dream home  ?

The Real Estate agent is paid by the Seller, not by the buyer.
The REALTOR® is your best advisor through this process. Not only they help you find the perfect home, but will accompany you through the whole buying process all the way to move in day.

Our team of REALTOR®s will protect your interest better than anyone else! The best part begins once you have been pre-approved, and you’ve discussed the different loan options with your mortgage professional or our mortgage partner if necessary.
Viac Miami’s website is linked to the government listing of properties for sales in South Florida. You can start making a first research on our website and ask in the chat if you have any question.

At your earliest convenience you can contact us so we can schedule the visits for you or make the research for you.
Now have fun!

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