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How to Increase the Eco-Friendly Aspects of Your Miami Mansion

Posted by Quentin Viac on August 25, 2016
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Big homes require big ideas, and if you own a mansion in Miami, the chances are you understand how to make the place luxurious but how about eco-friendly at the same time? It’s easier than you might think to restyle a mansion, so there’s still a sense of style and a reduced carbon footprint. Following are a few ideas to combine high living and socially responsible behavior.

Leave The Trees In Place

You can start going green in the designing stages before the very first shovel full of dirt has been tossed aside. If you’re lucky enough to be building from scratch and have a lot picked out that’s heavily forested, you can save some money on utilities by leaving some of the trees in place.

Building a Miami mansion around as many of these natural wonders as possible will allow you to lower your air conditioning bills. The place will have a lived-in look right away and you’ll be paying less to stay comfortable—it’s a win/win situation no matter how you look at it.

Design green windows

If you want to make your home something you’ll be proud of when you’re conservationist friends come over, you should consider how to make every aspect of the place eco-friendly including the windows.

That means getting the windows installed that further work to decrease your cooling costs and utility bills. Angled windows catch more of the natural light that’s available and ones that have been designed with the planet in mind also have traps that open at the base so you can catch any breezes and filter them through the house.  Both are excellent ideas when you’re looking at going green and renovating your Miami mansion. Besides, they have an elegant look that adds to their appeal.

Change your bedroom location

There’s more than a few things you can do even if you’re living in a mansion that’s already built and making the decision to move your bedroom to a lower level is another way to lessen your carbon footprint while increasing your peace of mind. By moving the bedrooms down a few floors if you’re already established or designing the house with them in a lower position on an architect’s plan, you’ll get more privacy by way of the leaves from the trees you’ve got surrounding the house. Of course, this adjustment will save on your energy bill too and add to the romantic atmosphere.

Finally, mansions in Miami will do well to take advantage of the existing green technologies available. Wind turbines are a great way to take your dream house off the grid and, in some cases, even produce enough electricity to power your entire Miami mansion.

Solar panels are another green technology that won’t take away from the stately appeal of any mansions in Miami and these can either be tucked away on the roof or placed discreetly on your land.

Don’t forget you can do your part to help save Mother Earth from the inside of your house as well by replacing older appliances with ones that have Energy Star ratings. You can also choose appliances with fewer gadgets since these use up more energy and need to be fixed more often.

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