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Find The Perfect Miami Luxury Villa

Posted by Quentin Viac on September 27, 2016
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If you’re looking for an exceptional quality of life in one of the most sought-after surroundings on the entire planet, luxury villas for sale in Miami are your preferred destinations. This is the property choice that has exceptional villas by the ocean, places with a canal in your front yard or dock for your boat and a full range of world-class amenities to choose from.

With an increasing number of well-heeled visitors coming to the Sunshine State every year the number of villa in Miami choices has blossomed as well. However, there are some of these prestigious locations that stand out and Miami Beach is a high priority sought after locale. The choices here offer a variety of amenities and exceptional views of the sun and sea.

Enormous pools and breathtaking views are just two of the features that you can expect from these prime locations in Miami Beach. Floating decks and dining terraces with bars are standard  for these large luxury villas. Depending upon your personal tastes and your own personal vision, you can include some spectacular architecture in the Spanish Colonial style. Distinctive themes for each and every room should be another one of the features you expect from these luxurious villas in Miami Beach.

Looking for the design that speaks to your personal tastes is a big part of making the right choice. Spending a little to time to consider what you want in the architecture and surroundings helps to narrow down your options before you start a search.

Here’s a few things you should be looking for in these large luxurious villas.

  • The ability to keep a modern look and feel while embracing the environment at the same time. When you keep in mind that the Miami climate can be especially hot, you might start looking for a villa that has jetting formations to keep you shaded when you’re outside on the lower floors . These often take the shape of an overhang from top floors and nooks specially built for that purpose.  
  • The structure should embrace indoor and outdoor living. Glass partitions and walls help to create this effect and , if done properly, you should be able to see main indoor living areas from the outside and vice versa. Sliding doors are an excellent way to embrace this scenario . When the weather permits, you’ll be able to leave these open and enjoy a cooling breeze as it goes right through the main floor.

Marble floors are one of the other common features that separate the mediocre from the stand out villa and as far as architecture goes, French and country decor are often just the thing to help you make the choice appropriate to your tastes.

The different kinds of combinations you can search for are only limited by your imagination. For example, it’s quite often the case that interior spaces can wrap themselves around an outdoor courtyard in L-shaped formation. This is an excellent spot for the pool and any outdoor entertainment features you want to add.

The most luxurious Villa Miami offerings will spare no expense and having more than one kitchen at different points through the space isn’t an unneeded extravagance. These are ideal for all the entertaining you’ll likely to do when you have one of these villas at your disposal.

Taking a few minutes to decide what suits your individual vision for luxury villas for sale in Miami is well worth the time. You may need to adjust the list as you view the properties but it will always provide you with a solid framework to start your search. Don’t forget not to overlook even the smallest detail like cozy reading nook.

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    5269 Nw 188 Street Miami, FL 33055

    $344,999 - 4Br/2Ba -  for Sale in Monterrey 4th Addn, Miami
    Price $344,999
    Beds 4
    Baths 2
    Living Area SqFt 5,759
    Status Active
    MLS # A10554695
    Property Type Single Family
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