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House luxury

Housing: Then, Now, and Future

Jun 22, 2017
Houses have changed a lot over the last three hundred years. Availability of construction materials, development of [more]
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miami real estate

Capitalizing on the shifting real estate mar...

Jun 20, 2017
In recent months, there has been a lot of discussion about the oversupply of luxury condos in Miami-Dade County, tr [more]
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Miami Real Estate

Why Miami Real Estate investment

Jun 19, 2017
Miami Real Estate Investment More and more people are turning to rental properties in Miami as a way to diversify t [more]
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luxury broker real estate in Miami

VIAC is your go-to Luxury Broker

Aug 15, 2016
VIAC offers the world’s most dedicated team of luxury brokers for global luxury housing. VIAC’s expertise spans the [more]
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