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Virtual Reality

Real estate is an industry that normally moves with the times and adopts technology that can assist in its continued success. One of VIAC’s core values is to be innovative, creative and technologically advanced. We combine our creativity with modern technology in order to present something unique to our clients -a new, amazing way to present properties and new development projects.

Virtual reality has become the new revolution in the Real Estate industry and we can assure you that we have seen the advantages of it through sellers and buyers who have worked with us in the past.

Main Advantages of Virtual Reality Technology for Real Estate:

– Gives us the ability to virtually visit a lot more homes in a lot less time;
– Allows us to avoid the most commonly heard phrase in real estate, “It does not look like the pictures.”, by providing a better, clearer and more complete view of our properties;
– Provides the client with a multiple views of a single room from different angles and positions;
– Allows us to present properties from different states or countries to potential buyers or investors without leaving our office.

Experience our Virtual Reality Real Estate Tour by contacting us now or visiting our office and we will help you find your dream property in the near future.

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